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Armstrong Step 1 and Alloy Stabilisers 2024

Armstrong Alloy System The Armstrong Alloy System was designed to enable riders of all skill levels to chase endless experiences

Lift Foils Flow Series Back Wings

Lift Flow Series Back Wings  Easy and Efficient At Lift, we’ve fallen in love with the efficiency of smaller back

Unifoil Carbon Progression Tail Wings

Progression Tail The progression tails are tuned to a neutral foot pressure. They have evolved out of the Shiv tail,

Armstrong Stabilisers 2024

2023 Armstrong Stabilizers

Lift Glide Series Back Wings

DETAILS: Lift’s Glide Series wings maximize efficiency. A smooth, ultra-efficient feel that is very balanced between the feet. Our Glide Series

Cabrinha V-Series Stabilizer 2023

FUSION V-SERIES TAIL STABILIZERS One of the biggest effects on hydrofoil performance comes from the stabilizers. In a sport that

Slingshot Phantasm Stabilizer 325mm V1 2022

Original price was: $307.77.Current price is: $276.30.
The Phantasm 325 Stabilizer is a smaller, faster and more maneuverable stabilizer.