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Armstrong Performance Mast 2023

The Performance Mast range is a clean-sheet design that takes the Armstrong feeling riders know and love to new heights.

Lift Foils Flow Series Back Wings

Lift Flow Series Back Wings Easy and Efficient At Lift, we’ve fallen in love with the efficiency of smaller back

Lift Foils M2 Series Masts

M2 Mast Series The M2 Series masts feature the stiffest high-modulus carbon fiber we can get our hands on, with

Quickblade Stingray Paddle (Tapered Oval Shaft) 2024

Order the Stingray 2″ shorter from the chart length or your normal length Blade length 10″ (25cm) Blade width 11.5″

Lift Foils High Aspect X Front Wings

Lift Foils High Aspect X Wings The 2023 specialty wing lineup is set to change the performance boundaries of foiling

Unifoil Progression 800 Carbon Foil Mast

Progression Mast 800: -Increased efficiency high on the mast -Vertical leading edge, consistent and predictable flex through turns -Stiffer design,