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Duotone Slick SLS Wing

Our best selling wing. Period. Its intuitive boom, precise power, and easy handling make the Slick SLS a Big Winds' favorite. It's used in our school. It's used by our staff after work. It's used for downwind runs. It's hard to find faults in this wing ...

Duotone Slick D/LAB 2023

The Slick D/LAB has arrived! Our latest Freeride & Freestyle Wing with Mini Boom comes with the power, lightweight and unmatched performance from our prestigious D/LAB technology - delivering a riding sensation beyond imagination!

Duotone Unit Wing D/Lab 2023




The wing that needs no introduction, the Unit D/LAB is the pinnacle of wing design and the benchmark in performance.

Duotone Power XT Dyneema Downhaul Line (2 Piece)

2 pieces of replacment 4.5mm x 6′ Dyneema line for the Duotone Power XT extension. 

Duotone Boom Protector 2023

Padded, closed boom protector to protect the board nose, especially in the event of wipe-outs.

Duotone Add-On iRig Drift Stopper

The perfect add-on for WindSUPs to prevent riders from drifting downwind when windsurfing. 99% of all WindSUP’s, and the majority of modern

Duotone Gold 90% Carbon SDM Windsurfing Mast

More carbon, better performance! Made from 90% high-tech T700 carbon and, apart from the slightly lower carbon content, is technologically identical to Duotone's Platinum mast line.

Duotone Silver 70% Carbon RDM Windsurfing Mast

70% carbon content delivers a great balance of lightweight handling and value. Utilizes Aerospace Prepreg Techonology. 2-year unlimited warranty!

Duotone Unit Wing 2023

The 2023 Unit enters us into a new era of wing design. Featuring MOD3, a new canopy, that changes everything!