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Cabrinha's new 2019 Moto Kite has an unlikely fan: Jason Watts. The longtime Drifter loyalist and standout strapless kiter shares why he switched ...
The Boxer is back! Naish claims this lightweight, one-strut kite is easy to launch, travel with, and ride with virtually no flutter. So what's TJ's take?
Naish’s 2017 Torque Below the Bar control system claims to make life simple. TJ offers his take straight from the water.
The North Rebel has a cult-like following, and has been one of Big Winds' best sellers. Matt Morrow puts the 2016 model to the test!
Big Winds manager Jason Watts can ride any kite he wants. Last summer, he rode 2016 Carbinha Drifter almost exclusively. Here he explains why, and whether the Drifter is a kite for you.
Big Winds manager TJ Guilizia put the 2016 North Neo through its paces. Here's his take on what it does right, wrong, and whether it's the kite for you.

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