Video Transcription:

Here we are in beautiful Hood River, Oregon. It’s mid-October, and we just got the first opportunity to fly the new Duotone SLS Kite. What does SLS stand for? It’s Strong, it’s Light and it’s Superior.

What makes it light… Well, it’s about 19 ounces lighter than the standard Neo thanks to this stuff right here. They did away with Dacron and added a new material called Penta TX. You’ll see that the Penta TX is a little bit shinier, it’s a little bit stiffer, and it’s a stronger material all in all. And it really lightens up the kite.

One thing I noticed right away was how quick this kite turned. One-handed steering was super precise. And I was using the 2021 click bar, the shorter of the two with 22-meter lines. That probably has something to do with it as well.

Super fast turning speed on this kite, and then one other notable is how fast it accelerates through the wind window.

What makes it so fast? Well, it’s probably, a combination of the kite and the bar lines. The new lines are the flight 99 material – these blue lines here. It’s actually 12 strands versus the standard eight, but it’s a thinner diameter, so a little bit more aerodynamic through the wind window. It just wants to accelerate.

The new Duotone Neo SLS is strong, light and superior. Definitely one of the better kites I’ve ever flowed. Alright, so there you have it – the Duotone 2021 Neo SLS. It’s available at Big Winds today. Come on by the shop and checking out yourself!

TJ Gulizia – Big Winds

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