Test Review: 2020 Fanatic Fly and Ray Air Inflatable Paddle Board Packages

Fanatic Fly Air Inflatable SUP Package, $549 w/ free shipping

  • Fly Air Package Includes:
    • Fanatic Fly Air 10’4″ x 33″, 284 liter, 5.5″ Thick Inflatable Paddle Board
    • Fanatic Pure SUP Bag / Backpack
    • Repair Kit
    • Fanatic Power Pump HP2 SUP specific pump
    • Fanatic Pure adjustable, 15% carbon 3-piece paddle
    • A coiled leash
    • Free shipping contiguous US

TJ’S VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: So I am super stoked to introduce to you a new product from Fanatic. One that rivals in comparison to what you can buy at your big-box store for the $399 / $499 package price.

This is from Fanatic. The 2020 Fly Air and Ray Air, with paddle, leash and pump coming to you for only $549 and $599 respectively on the sizes.

Sizes include this round nose Fanatic Fly model: 10’4” x 33”. There’s also the Fanatic Ray, the more tour-oriented model: 11’6” x 31”.

If you’re looking for added stability, and maneuverability we recommend the Fanatic Fly right here with the round nose. If you want better tracking and a little more overall speed then go with the Fanatic Ray 11’6” x 31”.

We’ve put together a lot of paddle board packages at Big Winds. But Fanatic’s done it for us this year, and I gotta say, they’ve done it well with a paddle that is a non aluminum, three piece breakdown that’s got a really nice clamp feature here. So when you put the blade section into the main shaft section and clamp it down there’s no wiggle.

The Fanatic Fly Air Package’s paddle also has an anti-twist feature here on the handle that allows you to adjust wherever you need. So if you’re adjusting to yourself you just clamp and go. No need to eyeball it to adjust it.

And I gotta add that the bag it comes with – that’s convertible into a backpack – is really high-quality durable bag for air travel too.

So ‘tis the season to be traveling. This is a really good opportunity to pick up a board that’s not a one-time-and-done disposable board like you might find at your big box stores. $549 and $599 from Fanatic. Get one today and we’ll ship it to you for free today! 

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