This foil just arrived, and of course TJ couldn’t wait!

Here’s his first take on the 1080 downwind SUP foiling in light winds here in the Gorge!

Find yours here!

Video Transcript

So here it is folks. The wing we’ve been highly anticipating from Armstrong. The new release of the HA series and I’ve got the HA 1080 here in front of me. This is the second to biggest size. There will be an 1180 as well and it goes all the way down in those 80 increments down to 580. So this 1080 is essentially going to be my replacement for the HA 1125, which I’ve used a ton here in the Gorge for the light-wind situations. Down winding has definitely been lighter the last few days so this 1080 is going to come in really handy. All right, let’s put this thing to the test with the Performance 865 mast, the Speed 180 tail, a 60 fuselage, a long and narrow board and a really cool looking paddle. This is the Armstrong 1080 coming at.