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2024 Armstrong Downwind and Downwind Performance Foil Boards

Two downwind lines exist for 2024. TJ has ridden both.

Here’s the footage, and his take on which model best suits you. The boards are arriving this week!

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Armstrong DW Board

Armstrong DWP Board

Video Transcript: Hi, I’m TJ coming to you from beautiful Hood River here at Big Winds and happy Spring everybody! I’ve got a great treat to surprise you with in the 2024 Armstrong downwind boards. Yes they’re coming. We’ve been on the water with both models and they are epic.

This is going to be the one that most people are already um pretty familiar with. This is their downwind board and it’s basically a revamp version of the 2023. A little bit longer, a little bit narrower. This is going to be our best selling board because it’s so stable, probably even more stable than what we witnessed last year in the 2023 version. Fast to get up onto foil though, and that’s what everybody wants. So it is pulled in in the nose you can see Army did a diamond tail with a little bit of rocker out the tail too, which is going to be epic for popups and this thing is wonderful for pumping down the river. Same carbon construction, double carbon stringer. It’s got the carbon track system that’s pushed all the way forward, even further forward than last year’s. This is the smallest one in the five size lineup and this is the one that I’m personally riding at 96 L. It’s ultra stable and versatile. You could use this board for light wind winging. You can even take it out into small waves for SUP Surf foiling as well. Handle right here for those that need a little easier way of navigating through the surf with a wing in one hand, maybe going through some shore break. So added handle right here, but super durable, super stiff. This is the new downwind board 2024.

Now going on to an extension of the lineup is the Downwind Performance Foil Board. So this is going to be a longer and even narrower board. You’re looking at the shortest of the three. This is an 8’2″ x 16.75″ and it’s ultra light. It came in at sub 13 pounds. This is going to be the one that’s going to be more so suited for open ocean conditions but it works really well here in the Gorge too. So for somebody who’s looking to race this season, for somebody who needs to get their flat water popups more dialed, or just the overall experience paddler looking for a faster sleeker board for easier takeoffs, check out the Downwind Performance line. Again this is the shortest of the three. It goes all the way up to 9’6″” by just over 17″ wide. So two different boards in the lineup this year. Consider this like The Gorge board. This the Hawaii open ocean board. A very nice fitting board bag, and they’re going to be available here very soon at Big Winds so give us a call if you want to pre-order one. They’re arriving here in the next week and we hope to have them in stock all summer long. I’m TJ, this is the new 2024 Armstrong Downwind and Downwind Performance foil board coming your way soon.