What’s new, what’s improved, and why this wing has everyone (not just windsurfers) loving the boom. 

Duotone Slick Foil Wing 2024

2024 Duotone Slick

Video Transcript

TJ: Hello wing foiling friends. I’m here with Travis Ronk from Duotone wing and foil and we are excited to announce a new one from Duotone. Well, not necessarily new. The Duotone Slick has been around since 2021. This is the 2024 Duotone Slick and Travis – I just sense your energy on this one. When I see you up at the Hatchery getting off the water on the prototypes you’ve been riding you’re stoked. Man, tell us what’s what’s new with the 2024 Duotone Slick.

Travis: Yeah so as you can see it’s got a little bit rounder outline – more curvature in the wing tips and that improves the draft stability. One other nice thing that it does is it helps you recover should you touch a wing tip down into the water.

TJ: So wait, you can actually touch your wing tip. Oh yeah, that’s when you go up and over the handlebars. The wing tips keep you from going over the bars.

Travis: OK, so it’s got improved power delivery, a wider sweet spot – just huge sweet spot. The 2024 Duotone Slick has better range high-end control, better low-end power. It goes upwind better, goes downwind better and it floats better. It also handles gusts better. It’s just more stable and more well behaved throughout the whole range.

TJ: So a couple of things I’m noticing that are similar to last year’s Slick is the same Mod3 canopy material.

Travis: That’s correct and the Mod3 canopy material is a wing specific material. It resists stretching by three times over old traditional canopy material. So less bagging out. Your wings are going to last longer because it’s going to reduce puncturing. Also, it’s going to have better draft stability, better rigidity. It’s going to go upwind better. It’s going to handle gusts a lot better.

TJ: You know over the last few seasons we’ve definitely seen who the Slick wing caters to, but also surprised that it’s not just windsurfers. There’s a lot of people loving the boom. Tell us, in your experience, who’s the 2024 Duotone Slick for?

Travis: This wing really is for everyone. All levels of wingers will appreciate what this wing has to offer. It’s got a huge sweet spot. Very well behaved. So everyone from a pro freestyler who’s doing huge jumps and flips and all of the pro tricks that the pros are doing to the the average guy out doing upwinders and downwinders out on the river riding swell. Or if you’re an intermediate who’s out perfecting their jibe and their tacks, it’s great for that. It’s probably best for beginners.

TJ: Yeah, I can attest to this being a great wing for the beginners because this is the one that all of our instructors down at the hook gravitate towards when they go to teach newbies how to wing surf and wing foil. And it looks like the 2024 Slick is actually using the same 125 cm mini boom that it had in the years past, correct?

Travis: That’s correct.

TJ: You’re looking at the alloy mini boom right here. And this is the is the …

Travis: The Platinum SLS boom, which is a smaller diameter carbon fiber boom. This tends to be the one that everyone prefers. Just the smaller diameter is something that people like. It feels better in the hands. It’s a little bit lighter weight. So if you have a boom from one of your old Slicks it’s going to work perfect on the new 2024 models.

TJ: This is the Slick classic we’re looking at. You guys are releasing like two other models, correct?

Travis: Yes, we’ll also have the Slick D-Lab like we’ve had had in the past, which will have the Allula fabric on the leading edge and on the strut. The 2024 Duotone Slick will also come in the Concept Blue which is an all white wing that uses no dyes in the either the leading edge or the canopy. So it’s an all- white wing, with reduced printing on the on the wing.

TJ: Nice. I love it. A save our playgrounds campaign.

Travis: Absolutely, very cool.

TJ: So if you got haven’t tried the Slick maybe this is the year to do it. We’ve got a lot of people who’ve been hesitant to try the boom and it seems like everybody who’s come to the shop and has taken us up on a demo or has demoed them with Travis down on the beach in the summer months they come back just absolutely frothing on the boom. It’s just so user friendly. So simple. You can put your hands anywhere. It’s easy to put a harness line on for hooking in and unhooking and it’s one boom that fits all sizes. Speaking of sizes, can you run through the sizes?

Travis: Right, yes. So the Slick and the Slick Concept Blue will come in sizes 3 meter through 6.5, with sizes in every half meter. The D-Lab will come in 4 meter through 6.5 sizes, in every half meter.

TJ: Got it. So essentially the D-Lab won’t cover the smaller 3.5 and the 3.0. So if you’re looking for the high-wind 2024 Duotone Slick look at the Slick classic or the Concept Blue. And we’ve got these in stock at Big Winds. The classics release first. We’ll be having a batch of D-Labs and Concept Blues coming in next month in April. All right you guys this is the new Slick 2024. Travis thanks for coming by and giving us a rundown on this. I think I’m in love. I got to go out to the wind see ya!