Why the Sunova Aviator?

As downwind SUP foiling starts to take off world wide more and more players are trying their hand at a SUP Foil board, but with an extensive background in stand up paddle, consistently on the leading edge of construction and design Sunova continues to be a industry leader. The Aviator is no exception to this, its light, durable, agile and is a forgiving platform to paddle up!

With the price being right and the performance be top notch it is a top pick for a downwind board for all skill levels and sizes!




What Size Sunova Aviator Should I buy?

To determine this you need to ask and answer the following questions:

  1. Whats your foil/stand up experience?
  2. How much do you weigh?
  3. What conditions are you riding in?

Answering these three questions should get yourself to 1 or 2 different size options! From there it is up to what type of learner are you? It will probably be that both those sizes would work for you with one giving you maybe some more room for progression or allowing the board to be a little more agile on the foil, but you sacrifice some ease of use on the pop up. Where the other one will be easier on the pop up and give your the quickest path to your first rides.