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SIC Waist Leash 2023

Ideal for Wing foilingPaddlingSurfing Summary The SIC Waist leash attaches at the waist for comfort, minimizing foot entanglement and leash

SIC Raptor Launch Ace-Tec Wing Foil Board 2023

The SIC Raptor Launch shape has a more forgiving outline and better stability when not foiling.

SIC RS Super Fly Paddle Board 2023

DESCRIPTION Elite Race | Fitness | Touring Sizes – 14′ x 24.5 | 14′ x 26 | 14′ x 28

SIC Raptor Air Wing Board 2023

Stiff FST Fusion construction, a stiff carbon foil mount plate, and a quick release edge — this high performance inflatable creates a rigid connection between the rider and foil, and blends stability and early rising.

SIC Okeanos Air FST 2023

Exceptionally stable, lightweight, and awesome for touring, recreation, yoga and even downwinding. A standout pack with wheels is included, along with a SIC leash.

SIC Board Bag Touring 12’6″ x 30″

  Padded durable fabric Heat-resistant Heavy-duty zippers Padded handles Shoulder strap Access to the board handle Reinforced nose and tail