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Quatro Power 4 Freewave Thruster Windsurf Board 2025/25


Power 4

Carbon & S-Glass.

Freewave Thruster

The Power is the most stable board of the Quatro range.

Quatro Cube 6 Controlwave Quad Windsurf Board 2024/25


Cube 6

Carbon & S-Glass.

Control Quad

Real world speed for onshore wave performance.

Quatro Pyramid 6 Surfwave Thruster Windsurf Board 2024/25


Pyramid 6

Carbon & S-Glass.

Surfing Thruster

Totally re-imagined, the 6th generation Pyramid is the ultimate wave board.

Quatro Ponto Longboard Thruster Paddle Board 2023

Get back to surfing roots, with the Quatro Ponto. Longboard style wave riding, made friendly for SUPers. Big wave counts and all kinds of simple fun!

Quatro Ponto Max Longboard Thruster Paddle Board and WindSUP 2023

Longboard soul surfing with a paddle! A wave catching machine, and for those who enjoy toes-on-the-nose riding. The Ponto Max also offers a windsurfing attachment, and features a tough double sandwich construction.

Quatro Carve Pro Thruster Quad Paddle Board 2023

Targets aggressive intermediate and advanced riders looking for the ultimate in speed, and wave slashing maneuverability. Lightweight double sandwich construction. A proven performer at Big Winds.

Quatro Glide Thruster Paddle Board 2023

Stable for cruising, wave catching and all around fun. Surprisingly nimble on a wave. A great blend of friendly riding for general use, and hitting the surf!

Quatro Glide Max Thruster Paddle Board and WindSUP 2023

Quatro's Glide Max features lightweight double sandwich construction, and exceptional stability for cruising and catching waves. It also can be windsurfed!