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Nolimitz Carbon Foil Masts V2 2023

These hand made foil masts made to order. Estimated delivery times vary from 2 weeks to six weeks depending on the fittings in play. To get a delivery ETA, text us, email us, or call 541 386 6086.

NoLimitz Sumo 91% Carbon RDM Windsurf Mast

Slightly stiffer than NoLimitz's "Original" Skinny. 91% carbon content, and popular among wave sailors and hardcore freestylers who prefer a stiffer mast with bomber construction.

NoLimitz Skinny 91% Carbon RDM Windsurfing Mast

The Original Skinny! 91% carbon, a proven mast for waves and free riding, no matter the rider skill level. Unmatched strength, durability, UV stability and dependability.