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MFC Harness Lines

Designed with no swing, precise sizing, and low profile styling. Our harness lines contain 5mm spectra rope inside a high-density

MFC Hydrofoil Wing Surf Board Bag

MFC has developed a day bag to keep your wing board protected.   Foil attached or detached, this sub $200

Maui Fin Co. H1 Racing

MFC H1 Racing Fin This a cooperation project between Kai Hopf, Duotone Windsurfing sails designer, and Pio Marasco. Both Pio

Maui Fin Co. QS Quad Set Wave

MFC QS Quad Set Wave Molded with precise flex torsion refined after countless hours of R&D, these QS fins have

Maui Fin Co. TF Trifin Wave

MFC TF Trifin Wave Chosen by riders and board brands worldwide, the TF-RTM model is the most used thruster setup

Maui Fin Co. Weed Burner 50

MFC Weed Burner 50 This fin is the exact replica of our KPR. The fin is very fast, and the upwind

MFC Hydros 1000 Kite Foil 2021

The FW1000 was designed for kite foiling and it is extremely good for WingFoiling. Perfect for surfing waves and for

MFC Matt Meola Rear Traction Pad

Introducing a full range of traction pads designed with Matt Meola. At 3mm, the MFC pads are the thinnest on

MFC Hydros Carbon Mast

  All parts of the HYDROS are completely interchangeable.You can add any piece and build your own quiver. Here are