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C Goya Fringe X 4.7 Used Windsurfing Sail 2021

"C+" condition. This sail reveals some scuffs and a scratches, but still has life left in it. Ships by quote.

C Goya Fringe X 3.7 Used Windsurfing Sail 2021

"C" condition. This sail's faded colors speak to lots of water time. Some of it includes windsurf foiling super star Emily Ridgway. Priced to move. Ships by quote.

Goya Surf Trainer Single Windsurf Board 2022-23

When you are learning to windsurf there are no signs to follow, just the wind which you can’t see but

Goya Carrera Carbon Freecarve Single 2023

A free-riding, free-carving standout. Lightweight carbon construction, priced hundreds less than carbon rivals. Exceptional planing, jibing and all-around performance. The Carrera has a cult following here in the Gorge, and for good reason!

Goya Nitro 3 Pro Windsurfing Board 2023

Radical shape for real-world riders in real-world waves. Plane early, easily, and keep planing while slashing up mushy surf and lumpy swells. Don't wait for conditions to get better. The Goya Nitro 3 Pro gets you out there, and gets you smiling!

C Goya Bounce 4.2 Used 2019 Windsurfing Sail

"B" Condition. Some scuffs, but you gotta squint to see 'em. No holes, nor patched repairs. Ships by quote.

Goya Volar Carbon Freeride Single 2023

Our best selling free-ride board for several years now. Effortless acceleration, impressive top speeds, and always behaved. "Volar" means "to fly" in Spanish. This board does, and it's not picky about the pilot!

Goya Bolt Pro Freerace Single 2023

The best of 2-n-1 windsurf and windsurf foil performance. The Goya Bolt will lead any drag race with a fin, and has become a standout for flying high with a foil.

Goya Airbolt Carbon Wind/Wing Foilboard 2023

The Goya Airbolt is 3-n-1 fun! Go wing foiling, windsurf foiling, and even SUP foiling. A large deck pad, multiple foot strap options, and long foil mount tracks make this our most versatile foil board.