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Chinook Epoxy 400cm SDM Mast

Chinook's best mast for those on a budget. Constant curve flex accommodates most sail brands. More sizes available at 541 386 6086.

Chinook Pro 1 Carbon Windsurfing Boom 2023

The Chinook Sailing Carbon Pro 1 Windsurfing Booms (100% Carbon) feature a Monocoque body design and have exceptional strength to weight properties and incredible torsional rigidity.

Chinook RDG Carbon Windsurfing Boom 2023

The Chinook Sailing RDG Carbon Windsurfing Boom Silver Line "SLIM" 24.5mm (100% Carbon) is made with the Monocoque body with a specialized bend curve that is light and strong, while the redesigned 50 cm tailpiece is stiff and marked with permanent absolute markings for convenient adjustment.

Chinook Windsurfing Carbon Extension SDM

Light, strong, and extensively tested in the Gorge. Chinook's Carbon Base Extension fits Standard Diameter Masts (SDM), and features large brass pulleys for improved leverage.

Chinook Sail Repair Tape

4″ x 120″, Monofilm Sail Repair Tape

Chinook Deluxe Windsurfing Uphaul

DESCRIPTION The Chinook Sailing Deluxe UpHaul Line is lightweight and strong utilizing a combination of webbing and bungees. Lightweight and

Chinook Wrap Straps

Chinook Wrap Straps 15′ Car Rack Tie-Downs- Unique design quickly and securely retains excess webbing. Soft neoprene cover protects your

Chinook Fixed Harness Lines

Like all Chinook products, you can count on these new lines to be tough. Comes with two lines, available in