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Cabrinha Fusion X-Series MKII Complete Foil Kit 2023

When we introduced the X-Series wings, we took Cabrinha’s foil program to a whole new level. Through working alongside SINTEF

Cabrinha V-Series Stabilizer 2023

FUSION V-SERIES TAIL STABILIZERS One of the biggest effects on hydrofoil performance comes from the stabilizers. In a sport that

Cabrinha X-Series MKII Front Wing 2023

The best part of the last 5 years has been the rise in hybrid development and crossover technology amongst sports.

Cabrinha Drifter Kiteboarding Kite 2023

The Cabrinha Drifter - a kite that does what its name says. A kite that allows kiters to experience the power of the ocean, a kite that lets you focus on the job at hand instead about worrying about where it is, or what is doing

Cabrinha Moto X 2023

The most versatile kite in our range, the Moto provides lightweight control and immediate response through its unique blend of Pure Arc Segments and Pure Profile segments.

Cabrinha Vision Wing

How ever you take it, the new Cabrinha Vision is the next generation wing from the Cab Design Works Team. High rigidity LE Inflatable Wing

Cabrinha Mantis V3

If there is one wing that has helped shape and define the sport, it’s the Cabrinha Mantis V3. Now in its 3rd generation the wing which set the benchmark for stability and rigidity has been further refined to maximize the true potential of wing foiling. Expected release date is 24th Feb 2023 - Available for pre-order now.

Cabrinha Macro Air Wing Board

Utilizes Cabrinha's Synthesis Foil Mount that fuses the upper and lower skins of the board together for a more secure, responsive foil attachment. No give. Cabrinha claims the Macro Air to be the highest performing inflatable wing board.

Cabrinha Source Kiteboard Binding 2022

The source binding has been engineered from the ground up to give riders the ultimate connection to their board. At