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Appletree Malus Domestica 5’2 Carbon Kite Surfboard Custom 2024

Don’t want to choose between waves and freestyle? Meet the Malus Domestica! Appletree’s allround kite surfboard for freestyle and kitesurfing small waves. It ‘eats’ anything you throw at it and rides upwind like no other.

Appletree Applino V2 5’3 Carbon Kite Surfboard Custom 2024

If you are ready to step up your strapless kitesurfing game and, like Paulino, are driven and inspired by the power of nature, the Appletree Applino V2 advanced strapless kiteboard might just be your board!

Appletree Appleslice V2 Wing Foil Board

Limited quantities. Performance taken to the next level. Stiff and durable construction allows the rider to push the limits of foiling! The uniquely constructed board delivers riders a connected feel. This along with a great shape, makes this board preform like none other.