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Fanatic Stubby 76 USED 2019 Windsurfing Board w/ Bag

"B+" condition. One minor patched ding, a few paint chips, but otherwise in great shape. An outstanding board to plane early, often, glide through holes and jump to the moon. Price: $800 with board bag. Ships by quote.

2017 Goya Custom Quad 80 USED Windsurfing Board

"B" Condition. This board sparked oohs and ahhs. An awesome shape that gave way to a cult following with its rare mix of maneuverability and speed. This 80 liter model is a great size for here in the Gorge. $750, ships by quote.

Quatro Cube 75 USED 2021 Windsurfing Board

"A-" condition. Cherry condition quad fin slashing machine! A great high-wind option here in the Gorge, and far beyond. Yellow color turns heads. Ships by quote.