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Armstrong Stabilisers 2023

SURF 205 Fast and responsive to unleash your inner shredder. The Surf 205 is a highly maneuvrable stabiliser that enables

ION Riot Curv Kite Harness 2023

The ION Riot Curve incorporates ION's harness ergonomics which provide the perfect fit for each individual's body size and shape.

Duotone Kite/Wing Pump Valve Adapter

DESCRIPTION Duotone German Valve Pump Adapter

FCS Longboard Spare Parts Kit

DESCRIPTION Spare parts for your longboard. 2x Plastic shims 2x Stainless plates 1x Short screw 1x Long screw 1x Instruction

Duotone Boom iFront 2.0 Cuff

Replacement Cuff for Duotone iFront 2.0 boom front end from 2019 onward.

PKS Quick Connect Pigtail With Stopper Ball (Individual)

The Quick Connect Pigtail set allows you to have a much larger stopper to ensure that the connection is sure to hold.

Ion C-bar Spreader Bar Release Buckle

Replacement buckle for all Ion C-bar spreader bars from 2018 onward.

Solite Knit Split-Toe Heat Booster Socks

Now available in 3 sizes for more precise fit! Solite Knit Split-Toe Heat Booster  wetsuit socks take your Solite boots