Our windsurfing lesson season has ended. It will start back up May of 2020!

Find our lesson offerings, an FAQ Guide and a link to our lesson waivers below.

All group lessons include a wetsuit, booties, helmet, PFD, board and sail — everything needed to hit the water!


New to windsurfing? Not for long. Our two lesson program introduces the sport in a fun, safe environment. Lessons are two hours, but you’re up in sailing in minutes — feeling the power of the wind in your hands. Classes start at 11 am and 2 pm, and include an extra hour of practice time following the lesson.

Get Riding (Level I)

It’s your first time on board. And we’ll keep you on board with our specialized gear and expert instruction. Sailing stance and steering are the lesson’s focus, but the real surprise is the fun. That, and the fast pace of progression. All from a protected lagoon.

Fast Riding (Level II)

You know the basics. Now it’s time for quicker turns, higher speeds and upwind sailing. Hang on!

First Timers' Package (Levels I, II)

Sign up for both lessons and save huge.

Reservations can be made by phone. CALL 888-509-4210 or 541-386-6086.


You’re ready to harness in and progress into the river. Our two-hour intermediate classes (max two people) offer tons of personal attention, include gear and one hour of practice time following the lesson.

Rock the Hook (Level III)

No more learner rigs. You’ve graduated to larger sails and new techniques. Namely, beach starts and harness use.

Wells Island Express (Level IV)

Bye bye protected lagoon. Hello Columbia River Gorge. This lesson takes place on a friendly shallow sandbar outside the Hook, and introduces water starts, rigging and river safety.

Conquer the Columbia (Level V)

Deep water starts are your all-access pass to countless Columbia River Gorge windsurfing sites. This class dials dials them in so you can sail wherever the wind blows!

Gorge Rider Package (Levels III, IV, V)

Sign up for all three lessons and save big.

Reservations can be made by phone. CALL 888-509-4210 or 541-386-6086.


$199, 2 hours

One-one-one instruction, offered at 11 am and 2:30 pm by reservation only, tackling everything from ​beginner basics, to ​water starts, harness and foot strap use, jibing, jumping and wind foiling! Price does not include gear rental. Add $50 for additional person. Call for 888 509 4210 more details.


Got questions? We have answers in this FAQ Guide. Also, to get you on the water as smoothly as possible, sign our online waiver.  


Located in Hood River, Oregon, in the Columbia River Gorge, our Big Winds' windsurfing lesson program spans 33 years, 30,000+ windsurfers, and targets all abilities and ages (check out our kids camps!). Our formula is simple: lightweight rigs, stable boards, a protected lagoon and, of course, expert instruction. With us, you're windsurfing in minutes. No dryland theory. No boring lectures. Straight to the water. Straight to windsurfing!

Call 888-509-4210 OR use the form below to ride with us!

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Windsurfing lessons take place at the Big Winds Windsurfing Center at The Hook

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