Go Foil now has 5 front wings in their lineup ranging from the new GL 100 to the GL 240. That’s five new high aspect wings, each compatible with existing GoFoil setups.

They range in price from just $650 to $850. At the top of that range is the low-speed, high lift GL 240, which has been great for light wind down winding here in the gorge.

Next comes the higher speed GL 210, which has been awesome for us here in the Gorge for heavy-wind down winding. There are also a lot of wing foilers using the GL 210.

Next is the new GL 180 which has been great for down winding in super ultra-nuking winds and for wing foiling as well.

Then there are the two new wings just added to the lineup – the GL 140 and the GL 100. From the way I understand it, this new GL 140 is the ticket in wave riding. And if you’re on a small prone [surf] board – and almost looking like a great kite foil wing – you’ll want to check out the new GL 100.

So there you have it. Five new wings in the Go Foil Lineup, all generation 1.5. That means they’re light with foam core and carbon all around. It also means they’re durable – and compatible with current GoFoil setups.

We’ve got all five of these wings in stock now – from the GL 100 all the way to the GL 240! Give us a call if you need any further information. Otherwise grab your new GoFoil front wing before they’re gone.

Check them put here: