Minimize friction. Maximize water time.

Less pack time, less pump hassles, less foil compatibility issues …

Here’s how to reduce friction between you and your happy place.   

WMFG Kite 4.0T Pump-Black-Tall 24 Inch-Big Winds

Pack Less: WMFG Pump

One pump to rule them all — for kites, wings and SUPs. The WMFG pump includes valve adapters for most brands, including Duotone, Takuma, Starboard and more. Want pumping peace of mind? Find it here. One and done!


Lower Wind Minimums: KT Ginxu Wing Foil Board

Yes, the stepped tail looks odd. Yes, Kai Lenny rides this board. Surely, the KT Ginxu is too radical for mere mortals, right? Wrong. We’ve ridden it. The thin tail dramatically improves liftoff, and offers a connection to the foil riders just can’t get in “large” wing board sizes.

Performance Boost: NoLimitz Foil Mast

This is THE foil mast that top riders gravitate to here in the Gorge. Its stiffness, efficient thin profile, and weight savings are unrivaled. It’s also compatible with most foil brands on the market. Ready to upgrade from your aluminum mast to a carbon one? This is it!

Struggle Less: How to Roll Up Your Wing So it Fits in the Bag

It should be easy. But it’s not. Sam Shannon is a bonafide wing packing expert, and he’s quite certain there’s a right way. Here’s his technique for rolling up his 2023 Duotone Unit. Follow his advice, and you’ll slip it in back in its bag like butter.   

Kaohi leash 2

Pack Less: Kaohi Calf Double Coil Non Grip Leash

Our favorite for prone, wing and downwind riding. The Koahi’s double coil design won’t kink on itself, nor drag in the water when underway. Will it make you love your leash. Probably not. But when you only need one, it sure is easy to load and go. 


Extend Your Sessions: Dakine Solo Wing Harness

Relax your grip. Relax your arms. And keep on riding. Dakine’s Solo wing harness is there when you need it, and better, all but gone when you don’t. Its slender design and soft Neoprene construction create a lightweight, forget-it’s-on dynamic. It also offers leash attachment points and comes with Dakine’s Hanger Hook system. 

O'Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5 Hooded Wetsuit-Big Winds

Pack Less: O’Neill Mutant Legend 4.5/3.5 Wetsuit

Big Winds’ Co-Owner TJ Gulizia will crunch through snow in this wetsuit, riding all winter long. The Mutant Legend’s Technobutter 3 neoprene makes this possible. But its removable hood makes it a one-and-done winner. Keep it simple and pack one wetsuit for winter, spring and fall. 

Struggle Less: 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Into Your Wetsuit

There is a right way. Our 10 best tips for front and back zip wetsuits save time, energy, and save your suit. From how to climb in, what not to wear under your wetsuit, to how to protect it from velcro enclosures that pose suit-damaging perils. 


Fast Track Progression: Duotone Slick SLS

This is a windsurfing sail disguised as a wing. Sure there’s the boom, but the SLS’s Penta TX leading edge and strut deliver focused, stable, responsive power. To windsurfers and beyond, this translates into trust, confidence, and progression. No fumbling for handles. No losing contact with the wing. Grab it and fly!