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Nolimitz Carbon Foil Masts V2 2023


These hand made foil masts are manufactured once an order is placed.

Estimated delivery time is two weeks depending on the fittings in play.

To get a delivery ETA, text us, email us, or call 541 386 6086.

Foil attachment hardware not included. M6 and M8 compatible.

Slingshot Hover Glide 90cm Aluminum Mast 2022

DETAILS 90 cm (35.5 in.) Aluminum replacement mast for all Slingshot Hover Glide foils.

Armstrong Performance Mast 2023

The Performance Mast range is a clean-sheet design that takes the Armstrong feeling riders know and love to new heights.

Slingshot Hover Glide 71 Cm Aluminum Foil Mast 2022

  71 cm (28in.) Aluminum replacement mast for all Slingshot Hover Glide foils

Fanatic Foil Mast & Fuselage Set Alu 3.0 2022

The Alu 3.0 masts and fuselages have been reduced massively in weight without compromising stiffness and ease of use. Instead,

Slingshot Phantasm Carbon Mast V1.1 2022

The stiffest carbon mast on the market delivers the most predictable ride—no matter your speed or style. Package Includes: Phantasm Carbon Mast, Padded Mast Cover, Pedestal, Hardware (316 Stainless Steel Torx), Foil to board mounting hardware.

Cabrinha Fusion MKII Carbon Hollow Mast 2023

The all-new Hollow Mast system embodies how Cabrinha approaches every component individually to improve stiffness across the entire platform. The Fusion MKII Carbon Hollow Mast is Cabrinha's stiffest ever mast to front wing connection.