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Duotone Mast Base Protector

Preformed EVA protector for guarding your toes. The exclusive hexagonal shape fits ideally to every board shape.

Duotone Boom Protector

Padded, closed boom protector to protect the board nose, especially in the event of wipe-outs.

Duotone Add-On iRig Drift Stopper

The perfect add-on for WindSUPs to prevent riders from drifting downwind when windsurfing. 99% of all WindSUP’s, and the majority of modern

MFC Windsurfing Mast Bag

Holding up to 6 masts up to 430 cm length, the MFC Windsurfing Mast Bag is a great way to

SIC Roof Rack Thule Truck Pads 2021

Protect your boards on the roof of your vehicle with these high quality, durable rack pads from SIC. Hook-and-loop closure

Duotone Adapter Strap for Base Plate

Makes inflatable SUP boards without a windsurf-option compatible with the iRig. The majority of all SUP boards and Windsurf boards
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