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Chinook Tendon Proflex Joint Replacement

DESCRIPTION Replacement tendon joint for mast base. Standard with most tendon bases on the market. Fits the 1-Bolt and 2-Bolt

Chinook 2-Bolt Quick Release Windsurfing Base Plate

Makes rig attachments and separations easy, and saves your hands. No more tightening mast bases onto the board by hand.

Duotone Adapter Strap for Base Plate

Makes inflatable SUP boards without a windsurf-option compatible with the iRig. The majority of all SUP boards and Windsurf boards

Duotone iBase 2.0 Plate 2023

To be used with Duotone's iTendon. The iBase can live on your board. No more screwing on and off a base before and after a session. Super handy, lightweight, and simple to operate.

Goya Base Windsurfing Mast Base

Lightweight, low-profile Euro-Pin mast base that's bomber built, and compatible with all Euro-Pin extensions.

Duotone iTendon for iBase 2023

With this innovative heavy-duty tendon we have set the bar high in terms of reliability, performance and safety. Instead of

Chinook Two-Bolt Tendon Upper US Windsurfing Mast Base

Big Winds' most popular 2-Bolt option that goes with the Chinook Quick Release plate.

Chinook Mechanical Universal 1-Bolt US Windsurfing Mast Base

Mechanical joint makes attaching and separating a sail from a board easy from all angles, at all times. No need to turn the board on its side. Great for foiling, or flat water locations. Not for jumping.

Chinook Rubber 1-Bolt US Windsurfing Mast Base

Perfect for a variety of conditions and rider skill levels thanks to its great flexibility and shock absorption.