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2022 Starboard AllStar Wood Carbon SUP Race Board with Bag

Our most coveted and versatile high-performance paddle board. Blends incredible stability and glide, perfect for flat water, touring and downwinding. Price includes a deluxe bag custom made for each size. In-store pickup only.

2022 Starboard Take Off Foil Board

The Takeoff 5'2" Blue Carbon is in stock and on sale. Last one!

Armstrong FG Wing SUP Foil Board

From our new and innovative “Forward Geometry” Wing Surf and Wing Sup board designs, highlight the drive and passion we

Freedom Foil Boards Dagger Downwind SUP Board

Freedom Foil boards has announced their first downwind SUP board…the Dagger!  As the name suggests, the Dagger slices through the water with a long and narrow profile, enabling an effortless paddle up onto foil.

SIC Bullet Dragon-Fly Paddle Board 2022

Our most celebrated SUP board here in the Gorge. A downwind, touring and fitness favorite. One of our easiest board lines to recommend.

Kalama E3 Foil Wing/SUP Board

Ships for $150 straight to your door.

Quatro Carve Pro SUP Surfing Thruster/Quad Board

Our ultimate SUP wave board at Big Winds. Lightweight, versatile, strong and stable. New 8'8" opens doors to intermediates and larger riders. Easy board to recommend.