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Cabrinha Neoprene Top W/ TPU 0.3mm

Note: These wind tops run small, so we highly recommend going up a size from what you normally wear.

Naish Fly Lines 22m + 2m TLS 500

Compatible with all Naish bars. Choose between 20m, 24m + 27m. Set includes pair of front flying lines (grey) + pair

FCS T-3 Mid Traction Pad

New Mid Deck ​3 piece traction, designed to be situated mid-deck on performance boards.

Duotone Kite/Wing Pump Valve Adapter

DESCRIPTION Duotone German Valve Pump Adapter

Solarez Epoxy Ding Repair

Solarez Epoxy repair is a mixture of clear, high-stength fiber-reinforced epoxy resin, and an amazing solar-activated catalyst. You can use

Epoxy Ding Stick

The Epoxy Stick is a hand-kneadable epoxy putty that mixes in a minute for making temporary or permanent repairs to

Ding All Epoxy Repair Kit

Ultra-clear expoxy repair kit. Includes resin and hardner, fiberglass cloth, sanding sponge, mixing sticks and cup, cover sheets, and instructions.

O’Neill Wetsuit Cement

O’Neill Wetsuit Cement comes in a four ounce can, with a brush in the cap. This is the real thing,