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Dakine 2020 Vega Kiteboarding Harness

$180.00 $129.00
The Dakine Vega Kiteboard seat harness offers maximum control in a minimalist design, for performance that doesn’t compromise comfort or

Ion Echo Kiteboard Seat Harness 2020

DESCRIPTION The ECHO is an exceptionally comfortable seat harness that cannot fail to impress, offering not only great support but

Ion Radar Kiteboard Seat Harness 2020

$219.95 $179.00
DESCRIPTION The RADAR’s design is so perfect it fits like a second skin. This premium seat harness has been refined

Dakine 2020 Nitrous HD Kiteboarding Harness

  The Dakine Nitrous HD combines the support of a kiteboard seat harness with the comfort and casual look of

Ion B2 Kiteboard Seat Harness 2020

DESCRIPTION The B2 is where fashion and function meet to create a unique product. Many riders embrace the feeling of

Ion Vega Women’s Kiteboard Seat Harness 2020

The VEGA has been designed specially for women. The highly functional 3D shape guarantees superb comfort and support and fits

Dakine 2020 Fusion Kiteboarding Harness

2 Year Limited Warranty Curv composite semi-hard shell Push button hammerhead spreader bar Freedom shape spreader bar pad Dual blade