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Naish Hover Kite Microchip Foil Board 2022

Be one with your foil with the latest and greatest kite foil board, the Hover Kite Microchip. At 5 L

S26 Naish Hover Wing Foil Inflatable Board

Stiff, hardshell board performance in an inflatable. Unique high-pressure build enables a rigid, 21 PSI inflation. A stable shape, and a great value!

Naish S26 Strapless Wonder Standard Direction Board

DEDICATED STRAPLESS FREESTYLE/WAVE Launched in 2020 as our dedicated strapless wave board, the Strapless Wonder carries a conventional surfboard outline

Naish S26 Gecko Carbon Directional Board

VERSATILE WAVE The Gecko debuted last season as our dedicated strapless quad fin design. Focusing on at and choppy water