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KT Ginxu Dragonfly SUP Foil Board 2023

This is the new KT Ginxu Dragonfly and it’s on its way! The new KT dedicated board for Downwind SUP foil. The Dragonfly is built in full carbon and is equipped with an adaptation of the patented Ginxu Step bottom concept for extra performance for Downwind SUP foiling.


KT Wing Air Direct Drive. Hard handles. Maximum control, maximum durability, maximum flight time.

KT Ginxu Step Bottom Foil Board

Not a gimmick. Big Winds approved! The KT Ginxu's revolutionary stepped tail design provides a direct connection between rider and foil. Small board responsiveness, even while riding large stable boards. In stock now!

KT Flux Air Wing Pump

Wing Pump The Flux Air is our quality double action hand pump. Introduced alongside the Wing Air, it is robust, rapid

KT Wing Drifter 2023

Full carbon construction. Compact shape, lightweight build, and a great blend of stability, early rising and high-performance flying. Includes MFC foot straps. A Big Winds' favorite.

KT Wing Air Wing


No more crossed fingers for wind. The KT Wing Air guarantees water time, no matter the tease breeze. Lightweight, powerful and durable make this a winning wing for progression across flat water and waves.

KT Drifter S Slim- Foil Surf Board

Aggressive outline with a narrow nose and tail for a much more surfy foiling style. Less hips to catch the water when you position yourself into extreme turns.

KT 2021 Drifter F Kite Foil Board

Full Foil This is that high volume compact shape. With a fuller outline for ease of paddling and stability when

KT 2022 Drifter K Kite Foil Board

Kite Foil board  The Drifter K is a dedicated kite foil board. Short length and little volume, meant for putting