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C JP Freestyle Wave Pro 77 USED Windsurfing Board 2016

"B+" condition. This board sparked a lot of nostalgia. An awesome board for the Gorge and beyond. No dings or repairs, just a few paint scuffs. Includes Dakine Daylight board bag. Ships by quote. 

C JP Freestyle Wave Pro 109 USED Windsurfing Board 2002

"B" condition. Not this board's first rodeo, but it has more rides to give. Classic shape, and comes with a board bag. Ships by quote. 

C JP Freestyle Wave FWS 94 USED Windsurfing Board 2019

"B+" condition. A perrenial favorite, with all the bells and whistles. Board includes Dakine Core Contour straps, two fin options, a board bag, and the original JP foot straps. Ships by quote.