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Duotone Ventis D/LAB Foil Wing 2024

Original price was: $2,599.00.Current price is: $2,079.20.
Introducing the latest innovation in light wind Wing Foiling - the Ventis D/LAB ensures you are first out on the water. This new 3 strut design provides the ultimate in lift and power in light wind conditions.

2023 Duotone Rebel SLS Kite

The Rebel SLS from Duotone the all encompassing big air kite. Wether you are a beginner or pro this kite offers something for you!

2023 Duotone Dice SLS Kiteboarding Kite



The Duotone Dice SLS offers performance across a wide range of disciplines; freestyle, big air, kite loops, and breaking waves, bringing the fun factor to new levels! Light, fast and with even more control, this is the go-to kite for riders who want to ride unhooked.

Duotone Slick D/LAB 2023

The Slick D/LAB has arrived! Our latest Freeride & Freestyle Wing with Mini Boom comes with the power, lightweight and unmatched performance from our prestigious D/LAB technology - delivering a riding sensation beyond imagination!

2023 Duotone Neo SLS Kiteboarding Kite

The 2023 Duotone Neo SLS is an incredible wave kite featuring amazing drift, huge de-power, and light fast turning speeds!


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Duotone Ventis Foil Wing 2024

The Duotone Ventis Wing is our latest range extension for light wind wing foiling! With maximum lift and power packed into a sleek, reduced wing tip design, you'll be flying while others are left grounded.

USED- 2023 Neo SLS 12m

Original price was: $2,200.00.Current price is: $1,100.00.
USED -2023 12m Kite No Damage/Repairs Team Rider Riden

USED- 2023 Neo SLS 10m

Original price was: $2,040.00.Current price is: $1,020.00.
USED- 2023 10m Kite No Damage/Repairs Team Rider Riden

2022 Duotone Dice SLS Kite

Original price was: $1,809.00.Current price is: $999.00.
Looking for the best freestyle, kite loop kite in the business, the Dice is where it is at, perfect control at all times no matter if you are going huge, looping it or stomping tricks.