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2022 Takuma Air Foil Wing Board

A revolution in foil board technology, unequaled performance for an inflatable board that delivers the same qualities as its rigid

Cabrinha Macro Air Wing Board

Utilizes Cabrinha's Synthesis Foil Mount that fuses the upper and lower skins of the board together for a more secure, responsive foil attachment. No give. Cabrinha claims the Macro Air to be the highest performing inflatable wing board.

KT Ginxu Step Bottom Foil Board

Not a gimmick. Big Winds approved! The KT Ginxu's revolutionary stepped tail design provides a direct connection between rider and foil. Small board responsiveness, even while riding large stable boards. In stock now!

Goya Volar Carbon Freeride Single 2023

Our best selling free-ride board for several years now. Effortless acceleration, impressive top speeds, and always behaved. "Volar" means "to fly" in Spanish. This board does, and it's not picky about the pilot!

Appletree Appleslice V2 Wing Foil Board

Preorder yours now with March delivery. Limited quantities. The Appletree Appleslice Wing V2 has taken performance to the next level. Stiff and durable construction allows the rider to push the limits of foiling! The uniquely constructed board gives the Foiler a very connected feel, this along with a great shape, makes this board preform like none other.

Naish S27 Hover LE Wing Foil Board 2022

Compact shape minimizes swing weight while flying high. Minimal input, maximum output. If you think it, this board will read your mind. Not for first time foilers. For those already efficient at getting on foil.