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Lift Foils Lift4 eFoil Package 2023


LIFT4 Efoils

The eFoil Experience, Perfected


Plus a completely customizable lineup of foil hardware to help find your perfect ride, including our new Camber Pro eFoiling wings.

SIC RS Super Fly Paddle Board 2023

DESCRIPTION Elite Race | Fitness | Touring Sizes – 14′ x 24.5 | 14′ x 26 | 14′ x 28

Severne Predator Windsurf Foil Board 2023

SHIPS FREE! The Severne Predator is our ultimate step-up windsurf foil board. Far lighter than rivals. For intermediate foilers and above, the Predator lets you rig small, ride high, and go big! *Free shipping to mainland U.S. airport freight facilities. How do we ship?

Goya Nitro 3 Pro Windsurfing Board 2024

SHIPS FREE! Radical shape for real-world riders. Plane early, easily, and keep planing while slashing up mushy surf and lumpy swells. Don't wait for conditions to get better. The Goya Nitro 3 Pro gets you out there, and gets you smiling! *Free shipping in contiguous U.S. to airport freight facility. How do we ship?

Armstrong Downwind SUP Foil Board 2023

The new Armstrong Downwind SUP Foil board range combines this historical passion and motivation with our latest design knowledge.

Starboard Kode Carbon Windsurf Board 2023

SHIPS FREE! Drive, agility and speed. The Starboard Kode is more fun in waves and keeps its fast freeride feel. Are we promising too much? Come and try for yourself. *Free shipping to mainland U.S. airport freight facilities. How do we ship?

KT Ginxu Dragonfly SUP Foil Board 2023


Airport freight facility delivery only. 

The demand for these lightweight downwind SUP foil boards has been profound. The Dragonfly is built in full carbon and utilizes a patented Ginxu Step bottom concept for boosted downwind SUP foiling performance. Video

Armstrong FG Wingboard 2024

These 2024 Armstrong FG Wingboards are in high demand. This new board range is designed to fast track your winging progression. Its refined shape packs more volume into smaller dimensions, allowing riders to experience the riding performance of a smaller board while facilitating ease of use.