O’Neill Hyperfreak Fire 4/3+ Wetsuit Review

Wetsuit Review: O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire 4/3+ Front Zip

I’ve crunched through the snow with this wetsuit. I’ve worn it surfing the Oregon Coast with my son – sessions where I sat submerged more than I actually surfed. And over the last year of downwind SUP foiling, winging, surfing and windsurfing, I’ve stopped using my 5/4 wetsuit altogether. When it’s cold, the Hyperfreak Fire 4/3+ has convinced me it’s the only suit I need. 

Bottom line: The suit’s Technobutter 4 Firewall through most of the torso and legs is a fuzzy furnace. The (ahem) triple glued, blind stitched Exterior Fluid Seam Weld Technology that seals all that warmth may smack of a marketing mouthful, but kudos are due. The suit is a watertight fortress. I peel out of it without needing a towel, even after a year of consistent use. 

That the Hyperfreak Fire 4/3 is lightweight is a bonus. And while it’s not quite as flexible as standard Hyperfreak 4/3+ non “Fire” models, the slight compromise in flexibility doesn’t haunt me. Not when it replaces a 5/4 wetsuit’s warmth, and is more flexible than most 4/3 wetsuits, and all 5/4 wetsuits.

As for durability, my suit reveals no pilling, or signs of deterioration in the seams or body. I am careful to use a changing mat. I don’t step out of it and onto rough concrete. 

I’m 5’10” and 180 pounds. The large fits me best. Slipping it off over my shoulders was initially challenging, but has become easier. And to be sure, my suit is a front zip. Back zip models are available too for easy entry/exit. Beyond that, I have nothing but praise. This suit simplifies my cold water quiver, and does so without compromise.