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Duotone Voyage Twintip Kiteboard 2023

A brand-new board in the Duotone line-up, the Voyage is a board that many of you have been asking for

Duotone Unit Wing 2023

The 2023 Unit enters us into a new era of wing design. Featuring MOD3, a new canopy, that changes everything!

Duotone Dice SLS 2023



The Duotone Dice SLS offers performance across a wide range of disciplines; freestyle, big air, kite loops, and breaking waves, bringing the fun factor to new levels! Light, fast and with even more control, this is the go-to kite for riders who want to ride unhooked.

2023 Duotone Rebel SLS Kite

The kite that defined a generation of riders takes the legacy to the next level. Featuring a Penta TX frame

Duotone Whip Kite Surfboard 2023

The Whip is a small to medium wave and strapless freestyle machine. Generous nose rocker, high-performance rails and a “wide

Duotone WAM Kite Surfboard 2023

The Wam is at the cutting edge of high-performance kite surfing. With its curvy rocker and outline and high-performance rails,

Duotone Trust Bar Quad Control 2023

The go-to traditional control system, though there's nothing traditional about this 2023 Trust Bar! Packed with the latest technologies, including the new Iron Heart VI Click-In Safety System and FLITE99 lines. The only bar you'll need, as bar width and line lengths can easily be adjusted to suit your kite.

Duotone Whip D/Lab Kite Surfboard 2023

The Whip D/LAB is perfect for shredding small to medium waves and strapless freestyle, offering a huge amount of performance in a very compact package.

Duotone WAM D/Lab Kite Surfboard 2023

The Wam D/LAB features the pinnacle of surfboard construction, making it more comfortable, more durable, and even more dynamic on the water.