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Maui Fin Co. H1 Racing

Speed personified. Produced by Duotone sail designer Kai Hopf and MFC's Pio Marasco, the H1's new profile minimizes spinouts and just keeps accelerating!


Maui Fin Co. Weed Burner 45

MFC Weed Burner 45 Derived from the H1 Racing fin program, the WeedBurner is the ultimate race fin for weedy/grassy

Maui Fin Co. Weed Burner 50

MFC Weed Burner 50 This fin is the exact replica of our KPR. The fin is very fast, and the upwind

Goya 50% Carbon RDM Windsurfing Masts

When every penny counts. Tight budget? Look here.

Chinook 40% Carbon SDM Windsurfing Mast

40% carbon fiber SDM windsurfing mast. Constant curve bend characteristics work perfectly with the majority of sails on the market. No bag or shim included. Chinook Full Year Warranty. Sizes 430 and shorter ship free.

Goya Scion X Pro Windsurfing Sail 2021

Goya's high-performance, bomber built, youth sail. The Scion X targets aspiring youth riders heading into high winds. Premium construction, and lightweight handling.

Duotone Black 50% Carbon SDM Windsurfing Mast

Duotone's latest beginner class mast. 50% carbon content and a universal and balanced bend curve.

Chinook 70T RDM Windsurfing Mast with Full Texalium

70% carbon content constant curve mast features full Texalium wrap to protect carbon from UV, abrasion, and impact. Chinook two year warranty. Mast bag sold separately. Sizes 430 and shorter ship free in contiguous U.S.!

Goya Fringe Pro Windsurfing Sail 2021

At Big Winds, the Goya Fringe is a unicorn. A rare blend of lightweight handling, bomber construction, and fun across windsurfing and windsurf foiling realms. An easy sail to recommend.