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2019 Starboard GT-R Aluminum Windsurfing Foil

$1,199.00 $899.00
DESCRIPTION A cross between the GT and the Race.  Recommended for those looking for a less powerful version of the

2020 Fanatic Sky Wing Foil Board

WING FOILING – SKY WING SIZES: 4’8″ / 5’0″ / 5’4″/ 5’8″/ 6’0″ The Sky Wing is our dedicated board range

2020 Ride Engine Manta 99cm Foil Wing

$776.00 $699.00
DESCRIPTION SUP | SURF | WINDSURF Designed for maximum lift, stability and glide, the Manta 99 is an enlarged version of

2020 Slingshot HOVER GLIDE FSUP

$1,221.00 $1,099.00
WHY YOU’LL LOVE THE HOVER GLIDE FSUP + NEW Neoprene wing covers & travel bag + NEW 28” Aluminum Mast

Duotone Foil Wing Batten Replacement Set

  Duotone Foil Wing Batten Replacement Set 3pcs

Duotone Foil Wing Bladder

Replacement Bladder for Duotone Foil Wing. Sizes: 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m

Duotone Unit Foil Wing

A lightweight and simple wing that packs down small, making it perfect for riders who travel and value a straightforward,

Fanatic Power Pump HP2

DESCRIPTION FANATIC POWER PUMP HP2Double or Single action – for fast and easy inflation of your SUP. Included with all

Fanatic Triple Action Pump HP6

Super fast efficient pump for your inflatable SUP. Is it as fast as an electric pump? TJ thinks so. Video