Christmas 2023

Boards That Ship Free!

Bring smiles…Save hundreds!

Free shipping has never saved so much, especially on boards already on sale! 

Christmas 2023

Windsurf Boards Free Shipping

Our most popular shapes, foil boards you can wing, inflatable SUP windsurfers … 

Christmas 2023

Wing Boards Free Shipping

One of our favorite carbon wing foil boards at 40% OFF is included.

Christmas 2023

Inflatables Boards Free Shipping

SUPs for the family, wing boards for travel and more!

Wings, Sails and Foils On Sale

This is where savings go deep!

Christmas 2023

Savings on Wings 

Up to 30% OFF, with free shipping

Christmas 2023

Sails on Sale

Up to 30% OFF Duotone, Goya and Naish. Most ship free

Christmas 2023

Discounted Foils 

Not many, but save hundreds on those we’ve got! Free shipping.


Life-changing rides from our sister store, Oregon E-Bikes. 

Christmas 2023