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Armstrong A+ HA1125 Foil Kit Complete

Performance, speed and glide have been taken to the next level with the High Aspect 1125. It was developed with key design input from Pete Burling, helmsman of Team New Zealand’s Americas Cup yacht (Current AC holders) and tested by legendary sailor, Jimmy Spithill.  This kit includes the A+ HA1125 Wing, 85cm mast (36.5"), V200 Tail, TC60 (23.5") Fuselage, PP Shims

Armstrong A+ Foils CF2400 Foil Kit

The CF 2400 Foil Kit was originally designed primarily for downwind foiling, pumping or catching micro surf. It has also proven to be perfect for heavier riders learning any foil sport.

Armstrong Wing SUP Foilboard


The Armstrong Wing SUP boards have been specifically designed for SUP and Wing foiling. These boards are built with the highest quality materials. They are light, strong and the shapes are on point.