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Goya Volar Freeride Windsurf Board 2024/25



Freeride Single

The Volar shares all shape and features with the Volar Carbon, except it comes in a rugged and more affordable build, ideal for schools, centers and families, while offering identical ride characteristics. A durable, tough, but still light board.

Goya Volar Carbon Freeride Windsurf Board 2024/25


Volar Carbon

Freeride Single

The board to enjoy the greatest sport on earth.

Goya Carrera Carbon Freecarve Windsurf Board 2024/25


Carrera Carbon

Freecarve Single

The lightest Freecarve board. Freeride on jet-fuel. The Carrera Carbon line is uncompromisingly built for Freecarve riders.


Goya Airbolt Carbon Windsurf Foil Board 2024/25


Airbolt Carbon

Wind/Wing Foilboard

One board for all foil destinations, Wind, Wing and Sup. The 2022/23 Airbolt is the ultimate compact and easy foil board that seamlessly crosses over between the disciplines. What we love most about foiling is all the places we now can have epic sessions at.

Goya Proton Pro Race Windsurf Board 2024/25


Proton Pro

Race Single

Version three of the Proton Pro has an incredible wind range at super high speed.

Goya Air Pro Freestyle Windsurf Board 2024/25


Air Pro

Freestyle Single

Ready for big air. All new shapes.

Goya Bolt 4 Carbon Windsurf Board 2024/25


Bolt 4 Carbon


The new Bolt 4 Carbon, is our fastest ever Freerace board, and we are excited about its ultimate forward drive paired with empowering open ocean comfort. Its 4th generation puts it all together under your feet, ready out of the box, racing performance to be experienced by everyone.

Goya One 12 Carbon Windsurf Board 2024/25


One 12


Freewave Thruster

The best of all worlds, fusing the best traits of each of our new boards into one. Explosive speed, range, and ultimate comfort. You and the One.