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Duotone Silver Series Aluminum Windsurfing Boom 2024


Carbon-like stiffness, aluminum boom pricing. Made from the same 7075 high-tech aluminum bonded technology from the cycling industry for unrivaled stiffness. Sizes 160 and smaller ship for $49 in the mainland U.S.

Duotone Silver Series Boom 2023

The lightest and most advanced aluminum boom in its class. Oval tail section increases stiffness by 30%. Duotone's iFront End 2.0 fits any mast diameter, and efficiently transfers power from rig to rider. Sizes 160 and smaller ship for $49.

Goya Slim Aluminum Windsurfing Boom

Far friendlier price tag than carbon booms, but competitively stiff. Fits skinny and standard diameter masts.

Chinook Pro-1 Alloy RDG Windsurfing Boom

RDG stands for Reduced Diameter Grip. Exceptional torsional rigidity. Features 60 cm tail-piece to span a wide range of sail sizes. Fits both standard and reduced diameter masts perfectly. One year warranty.

Chinook Pro-1 Alloy Windsurfing Boom

Aluminum boom pricing, carbon boom stiffness, and a generous 62 cm tail-piece to cover a huge range of sail sizes. A proven mainstay here at Big Winds. Exceptional durability and reliability. One year warranty.