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Naish S27 Hover LE Wing Foil Board 2022

Compact shape minimizes swing weight while flying high. Minimal input, maximum output. If you think it, this board will read your mind. Not for first time foilers. For those already efficient at getting on foil.

Slingshot I-Fly V1 Inflatable Wing Foil Board 2023

It packs up tight, is light, and will get you flying. A large carbon foil mount plate makes for a responsive ride. Top and bottom carry handles, foot strap inserts and cushy 3/4-length deck pad, and carry pack are included.

Slingshot Shred Sled V1 5’9″ SUP/Wind/Wing Foil Board

A do-it-all foil board you aren't likely to outgrow, whether powered by a wing, sail or even a paddle. Compact and nimble, yet stable too!

Quatro Cube Pro Windsurf Board 2021

Your ticket to snappy turns in small waves and your safety net in big waves. Improved planing and stability for 2021.

2022 Cabrinha Code Wing Foil Board

Lightweight and bomber, with a long runway for progression. The Code blends friendly riding for Day 1, with limitless room to grow.

Fanatic Freewave TE Windsurf Board 2022

The quiver shrinker. The all water animal. The one and done. Nicknames surround this board. All rooted in love.

Fanatic Grip TE Windsurf Board 2022

A staff favorite. Insane turning meets accessible riding. The Grip lives up to its namesake, keeping riders firmly in control over wild waterways.

Goya Custom 4 Pro Quad Windsurf Board 2021

This is it. The latest and greatest evolution from our two world champions Marcilio Browne and Francisco Goya.