2024 Cabrinha Mantis or Vision?

Cabrinha’s designer Brodie Sutherland dives into the new handles, canopy tension, and more — including whether the Mantis or Vision is best for you.

Video Transcript

TJ Gulizia: Happy Spring everybody. We’re here in the Gorge to introduce the 2024 Cabrinha Mantis and Vision, and who better to do that with than the designer himself Brodie Southerland from Hood River, Oregon. Thank you so much for being with us here.

Brodie: It’s great to be here.

TJ: We’re looking at Mantis version 4. This is a 4 meter in the unique Wildcard colorway, which I think is pretty stunning. And Brodie, you’ve been with the Mantis since version one. Man, you’ve been designing this thing from day one. Maybe you can tell us like how it’s evolved, and where you’re at right now with 2024.

Brodie: So when the Mantis V1 first came out I think the industry kind of saw it as like a very stiff, solid powerful wing. And I think we’ve kept that through every version. So this year we’ve just exaggerated on that. We’ve kept our very stiff leading edge. This year we’ve really tuned up the canopy so you’ll see the canopy is a lot tighter. We’ve got new panel cut, new tensioning. We’ve also made a big change to our handles so you’ll see this is the industry’s first rigid front handle. So this gives you stiff, full roll control of your wing. So when you’re flagging that wing out off the front hand you just have full control. We’ve also modified our main handles here so both of them have a bit of an angle to them. This just gives you a nice flat grip across the whole thing. We’ve also changed our strut shape. So you’ll see the back of the strut here has a full attachment all the way down the back. So that’s just going to get give you a super beefy strong connection to your canopy.

TJ: Yeah, it looks like the leech is like super tight right here.

Brodie: Super tight leech. Just overall refinements – we’ve also added these two ply panels in our wing tip so our wing tips are even stiffer than ever. It’s just going to keep that wing from deforming and just give you all the power you need to get up on foil.

TJ: Now the Mantis has definitely been one of our top sellers over the years. Since version one it seems like it’s the Mantis all the way here in the Gorge, but last year you introduced – you kind of threw a curveball at us because there’s another awesome wing in the lineup called the 2024 Cabrinha Vision. And this is Vision generation 2. Let’s check it out real quick. So what differentiates the Vision from the Mantis?

Brodie: Yeah, so the Vision has a bit more dihedral if you look down the front. There’s a bit more angle to the wing. So what that gives you is just a lot of directional stability when you’re flying the wing up and riding. It also makes the wing spin nicer for freestyle tricks nice. So we’re seeing a lot of our team riders riding this wing in freestyle competitions. But it’s also a great all around free-ride wing. It’s also really good in the bigger sizes because when you’re holding your wing riding the dihedral gets that tip up and away from the water. So even though the wingspan is somewhat similar to the Mantis, you’re going to keep that wing tip away from the water.

TJ: You’re not going to be dragging wing tips due to the added dihedral? Brodie: Right, yeah exactly. We still have same same upgrades on the handles. Same upgrades in the construction – you’ll see those across both wings.

TJ: So let’s say I’m here in the Gorge. I’m just getting into winging. I’m riding off of The Hook or the Waterfront Park, which wing suits that customer best?

Brodie: I think the Vision is more like the friendly beginner wing personally. It’s a little softer. Not quite that super grunty feel. So it’s just going to be a little more friendly through the gusts and stuff. It’s just a nice all-around free-ride wing. I would say if you’re someone that likes to like ride at the Hatchery and Hammer upwind, and do a lot of upwind riding and swell riding, then the Mantis is going to be your wing. And that’s where the Mantis wins.

TJ: Gotcha. What about for like drifting downwind? Do they both have good downwind?

Brodie: Yeah, I would say they both fly really well off the front handle – especially with this new rigid front handle. I would say the Mantis flies a little bit better off the front hand so if you’re up at the Hatchery or Swell City and you’re doing upwind, downwinds you might consider the Mantis. But boy we’ve had a lot of people loving the Vision up there as well. So it’s hard to go wrong here.

TJ: Hard to go wrong for sure. Awesome, Brody. So you’re looking at both wings in the Wildcard color way. So this is kind of new if you haven’t seen it. They look stunning for 2024. As a reminder when you buy a Cabrinha wing it does not come with the leash. So we have Cabrinha belt leashes, wrist leashes. We’ve got Dakine wrist leashes and belt leashes. So remember to always grab a leash and it’s pretty obvious where you’re going to attach it to. It’s right here on both wings. Brodie, thanks so much for coming by man. It’s a great rundown on two incredible wings for 2024. And if you guys want to check them out we’ll have demos here at Big Winds this summer. Come on by the shop or give us a call at 541 386 6086!