The SURGE Pro Wave SUP Paddle is for serious wave junkies who want more power, lighter weight and increased maneuverability. The Surge combines exceptional paddling power with ultimate stability.

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The SURGE Pro Wave SUP Paddle is for serious wave junkies who want more power, lighter weight and increased maneuverability. The Surge combines exceptional paddling power with ultimate stability. The ergonomic engineering and optimized flex characteristics will enable you to catch more waves and surf them better. When the conditions are good you want to stay out longer and the SURGE will have you catching waves while others are already driving home.

The Surge proprietary blade holds the water securely generating smooth power delivery while eliminating lateral blade movement. The "Scooped Dihedral" design grabs the water while enabling efficient release. On entry the blade corrects for poor alignment often associated with fatigue or hurried strokes. The extension of the tapered scoop towards the toe ensures that the paddle remains stable and delivers power even if you fail to get the full blade in the water. The drive is concentrated in the balanced sweet spot for a smooth and constant delivery during the power phase of the stoke. The shallow 8 degree blade angle promotes quick acceleration and slightly shorter overall paddle lengths. We added a slight ridge along the front (forward facing) of the paddle, this increases paddle stiffness both vertically and laterally while adding increased strength. We smoothed out all edges to increase safety, increase strength and reduce board damage.

The SURGE SUP surf paddle is available in two blade sizes to suit a range of riders. The MEDIUM 82 sq in (530 cm2) is suited for riders over 75 kg with the SMALL 77 sq in (493 cm2) recommended for riders under 75kg. Note that due to the increase efficiency and power experienced with the SURGE riders can use smaller paddles than before. The lightweight 100% carbon wave handle is fitted to the palm of your hand for comfort, the bright red color will stand out in the surf in case you get separated and the flat front of the handle will instantly ensure the correct orientation.

The SURGE features a Reduced Diameter Shaft (RDS) for easier grip and lighter weight. This smaller shaft is designed for surfing. Since the launch of these shafts there has been a near zero failure rate even in the most challenging conditions. The premium paddles are assembled with hot glue which enables easy adjustment while providing a water tight bond and added shock absorption.

  • Ultra-lightweight, powerful & balanced SUP surfing paddle
  • Available in 87, 82, 77 and 72 sq. in. blade sizes
  • Kevlar T-Grip Handle
  • Reduced Diameter Shaft for 87, 82 and 77 sq. in. blade sizes
  • Weight from 380 grams

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The SURGE Pro Surf SUP Paddle is for paddlers who want to improve their surfing and stay in the water longer. The Surge offers more power, lighter weight and increased maneuverability. Throughout the design process all unnecessary weight was removed making this the lightest SUP surf paddle available. For example; a Surge Pro 82 cut to 70″ (178cm) is only 13.6 ounces (385 grams), at least 50 grams lighter than any other surf paddle. This reduced weight translates into an improved paddling experience while being easier on your body. Thanks to the design and optimized construction the Surge is also one of the strongest SUP paddles even in extreme Hawaiian surf.

New Features:
  • Texalium shaft – is more impact and UV resistant than regular black carbon, the new finer grip is also better. USA made.
  • Kevlar/Carbon blade and handle (now all matte handles)
  • New Handle on reduced diameter, better for smaller hands
When choosing Blade Size you can choose the diameter of the shaft for a custom fit. The shaft comes in a Slim or Standard diameter.
  • Slim diameter with Medium Flex is offered in Blade Sizes: X-Small-72, Small-77, and Medium-82
  • Standard diameter with Medium Flex is offered in Blade Size: Large-87
  • Note: T-Grip handle only offered for Surge paddle.


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