Goya is well known for their wave gear. That is, till last summer, when their Carrera free-ride boards emerged as best sellers here in the Gorge. This summer, Goya has introduced the Bolt, a free race board that boasts – among other things – lots of speed. How much? Hit play and see below.

2016 Bolt 32016 Bolt 3

2016 Goya Bolt 105

Length: 235 cm
Width: 64.1 cm
Volume: 105 Liters
Sail Range 5.5 – 8.0
Weight: 6.3 kg, 13.8 lbs
Price: $1995
Other Bolt Sizes: 95, 115, 125, 135

Test Results Planing: 9, Speed: 9, Maneuvers: 10, Comfort: 10, Overall Impression: 10

Matt Morrow, 185 lbs, Expert
WHAT I LIKED: How easy it is to sail for a “free-race” board. It was much smoother through the chop and easier to jibe than I expected. Very fun to sail. I just wish it came with a friend to drag race with. DISLIKES: It was plenty fast, but without a head to head test, it’s tough to know just how fast. My hunch is the Starboard iSonic is faster, but this Bolt is more fun to sail. I would own the Bolt. It made windsurfing at Waterfront Park the highlight of my week, which it hasn’t been since the destruction of the White Salmon dam years ago put an end to the swells at this spot. BEST SUITS: any sailor looking for the ultimate blend of speed, control, turning and fun.

Eddy Patricelli, 185 lbs, Expert
WHAT I LIKED: It’s plug and play. No tuning tricks or techniques. The Bolt 105 popped onto plane, accelerated evenly, and just kept accelerating. Fifth gear, first run with a relaxed grip and a big smile. And the real kicker: jibing. At full speed, the Bolt’s rail engaged in a controlled manner, inspiring confidence to crank tighter. I can’t say that about other free-race boards. DISLIKES: One session isn’t a conclusive test. But so far, no complaints. The board wowed me. BEST SUITS: aggressive intermediate to expert windsurfers looking for uncomplicated speed, and value. A carbon construction board priced under 2K smacks of a rare find these days. The Bolt delivers.

Demo the Goya Bolt this summer at the Big Winds Demo Center, located in the Columbia River Gorge. The center is home to the nation’s largest and latest fleet of JP, Goya, Naish, Quatro, and Starboard boards. Up to $100 in demo fees may be applied toward the purchase of a new board.


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