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Goya Bolt Pro Freerace Single 2022

The best of 2-n-1 windsurf and windsurf foil performance. The Bolt will lead any drag race with a fin, and has become a standout for flying high with a foil.

Goya One 3 Carbon Freewave Thruster 2022

Our most anticipated free-wave board for 2022. Staff favorite, loved for its balance of early planing and carving fun, wrapped in an easy to ride shape that welcomes all abilities.

Goya Custom 3 Pro Surfwave Thruster 2022

Our popular Goya thruster. New outlines and rail flow for 2022, the Custom 3 Pro is a middle ground between the Custom 4 Pro and the One 3 Pro.

Used Goya Fringe 4.2 Windsurfing Sail 2021

Our best selling Goya model, in excellent condition, ready for you!

Goya Mark X Windsurf Sail 2022

All the fast and friendly features of the Mark B, but built with an X-ply window for added durability.

Goya Custom 4 Pro Surfwave Quad Windsurf Board 2022

Big Winds' best selling quad, with no close seconds. Not just for wave addicts. A bump-and-jump standout. Revered for its early planing, speed, and unbelievable slashing, all in a surprisingly friendly, accessible shape.

Goya Fringe X 2022 Windsurfing Sail

A rare blend of extraordinary weight savings, power, and bomber build. A Big Winds' favorite for windsurfing and windsurf foiling!

Goya Mark B Windsurfing Sail 2022

Speed without hassle. Win drag races and be the first to the water. Easy to rig, ride, and rip!

Goya Nexus B Windsurf Sail 2022

Our best selling free-ride sail. Lightweight, fast, and oh so friendly. The Nexus B casts a wide net with its welcoming power, and impressive wind range.