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Takuma Helium 1500 Complete Kit

Early takeoff, gobs of glide, intuitive assembly, and priced hundreds less than rivals. Our best selling foil package at Big Winds for its performance, value, and its  long runway for progression.

Takuma Kujira Carbon Foil Wing Set

750/980/1210 wing sets come complete with the 178 tail 1440 wing set comes complete with the 220 tail

Takuma WK Wing Foil Wing

A well-rounded, compact wing that targets all purpose performance. A great wing for Day 1. A tough wing to outgrow.

Takuma Helium 1750 Complete Kit

The new Kujira Helium 1500/1750 is a real game changer for new foilers, seasoned riders and anyone who’s looking for

Takuma RS Wing

Introducing our master wing, born from the collaboration of legendary sail designer Robert Stroj, the RS will enhance your performance

Takuma Kujira 1095 Front Wing

High aspect & high manuverability Delivering exceptional glide and a fast top end speed. The intelligent design allows it to