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Starboard Neck Strap w/ Paddle Holder 2023

Carrying your paddle board has never been easier than with Starboard’s NEW 2-in-1 Shoulder Carry Strap & Paddle Holder! The

Starboard 2-n-1 R+SDM Extension

DETAILS   With the adapter collar, you get an SDM extension. Remove the adapter collar and you have an RDM

Starboard Ace Foil Board Bag 2024

THE RECOVER BAG One of the lightest, toughest and most eco-friendly board bags on the market. Waste2Wear are innovating the

Freewing-Go Foil Wing 2023

Used extensively in our schools. Short, compact wing span means less tip drags, no matter rider size. Lightweight, built strong, with excellent power for learning basics, and enjoying light winds!

Starboard iGO ZEN DC Inflatable SUP Boards 2021

Original price was: $1,210.00.Current price is: $599.00.

Starboard Freewing Air V3 Foil Wing 2023

25% OFF WITH FREE SHIPPING! Lightweight, exceptional wind range, and a short wingspan that accommodates all levels. Every size is in stock. So are carbon add-on handles. 

Starboard iGO Deluxe Lite Packages 2024/2025

Package includes:  Starboard Tufskin V Adjustable Paddle Re-Cover Bag SUP Pump Lightweight Leash